Health is the harmony of physical and emotional wellbeing. Take time to nurture your health, and this will contribute to your wealth in life. You need mental and physical prowess to succeed, as one cannot proceed in a lopsided fashion, limping through life, relying on unreliable crutches. You will tire- you will fall.  Take care of yourself. This is an overarching theme throughout this blog. Love yourself first, then everyone else.

“Without health there is no wealth" Ralph Emerson

Take care of all of you to be a better you, so you can be better to others
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Diet in the context it is used nowadays should never be a part of a Sybarite’s vocabulary. We should aim to eat selectively well, in order to nourish our bodies to enable us to function to our fullest capacity. We should take enjoyment in the knowledge that we are aware of proper nutrition. Well, if the above doesn’t apply to you, we will be sharing nutritional tips on how to keep our weight steady without effort. Everything in our lives should be with ease and moderation. Eat what you want, when you want without guilt but with constraint.

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Hobbies and

In life, we should all find something that we do just for the sake of the enjoyment of it without seeking any monetary gain from it. This outlet, whatever it is, I assure you, will contribute so much to your overall well-being. I get it, we now live in a world where it gets crazily busy all the time and we try to squeeze in every last minute of every day. A lot of us make excuses not to exercise, me included; but what is exercise? It is anything and everything that makes your body move. Think about it; the list is endless, from dancing, shopping, yoga, golf, walking, cleaning, cooking, playing an instrument, cycling, swimming, playing with the kids, martial arts, photography, sailing, horseback riding, or tennis. It doesn’t matter what form of movement you find enjoyable, the idea is that this is something you will consistently make time for, irregardless of how busy life becomes, or like me, just keep trying a host of whatever takes your fancy. Irregardless, this is one area in which to never constrain yourself.

Self Care

Self care is never to be overlooked- EVER. We may think of this as a simple theory, but this concept is deep with so many overarching themes. You must make it a daily deliberate responsible choice to actively look after yourself. Starting with impeccable grooming, minding your manners, engaging with lifelong learning, meditating and interacting positively with the outside world, despite what hand you are dealt with, will ensure you don’t “let yourself go”.  I will be sharing some simple strategies on what works, but remember, everything I write about interconnects. Self care is self love.

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On introspection and personal growth

Life is an adventure, a journey best experienced with others, but mostly explored by yourself. Live and continue to learn from your mistakes, and continue to make them. If you are not making mistakes, you are not living life to the fullest.