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Cherish reconnecting

We must make it a mandatory prerequisite to take time out to replenish and reconnect with our psyche . In order to nurture our relationships; whether with oneself, a significant other or with the family; it is important first to maintain robust mental health and wellbeing. Similarly to keeping physically fit, we must pay attention and do not neglect keeping mentally fit. A holiday is the perfect antidote to a stressed life.

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Perfect surroundings

A few weeks every now and again, we seek solace away from our everyday lives. The perfect getaway is usually the complete opposite of what we are used to at home, although for some, the preference is in seeking out the familiar. Whatever preference there is, the satisfaction is in finding it, living the experience, savouring it, and then fondly remembering it for years to come. The perfect surrounding will instil a sense of joy, which will magnetically pull you back time and time again. Whatever your preference, there is something for everyone in every place in this now small world.

Local Top Tips

To really experience a place, it is important to expose yourself to the local people, customs and culture(Lounging all day by the pool won’t do). Not only will this give you a deeper understanding of the destination through the authenticity of your immersion, the quality of this realness usually cannot be completely replicated elsewhere irregardless of how much care is taken. Eat local and contribute to the local economy, as this will enrich you on so many levels. If you are visiting a country and you don’t speak the native language, it is a good idea to at least try and learn a few common terms, even if it just “please” and “thank you” as it makes a huge difference on so many levels. Always remember, you are very fortunate to be visiting their corner of the world, and they are your welcoming hosts on their turf, so treat them kindly and generously as such. Give, and you will be rewarded with so much more.

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This is a typical example of the kind of experience you can expect to find here- albeit across a wide and varied spectrum.

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