The Insider’s Inexpensive Guide To Creating Michelin Star Recipes At Home

Hello Sybarites, and welcome to this elegant boudoir. 

Today, there remains mass worldwide chaos.  This is not new, but never before has it affected the global population so simultaneously.

This is a time of confusion and deafening disruption not seen before in generations past, when we are almost prisoners in our own homes. We can no longer enjoy waltzing into a Michelin star restaurant at the drop of a hat, and I suspect bookings may be like gold dust in the near future, as we slowly readjust to living in a pandemic.

So what do we busy working professionals do? Adapt of course; as Sybarites, we will triumphantly morph with ease into any circumstance hurled at us. So, we learn to dine out at home in Michelin style as we no longer have the luxury of that previously accessible reprieve from office life.


What is a Michelin Star?

Michelin Star

 This actually originated in France in the 1900s as a “what’s around you” link for directing French drivers to local amenities including restaurants and hotels. Currently, it is a rating system used by the revered Red Michelin Guide to grade restaurants and the quality food and ambiance they provide.

The Michelin Guide – produced by the Michelin tyre company (yes a tyre company) is the oldest European guide which awards up to 3 stars to the most exceptional establishments.  Therefore, to gain or lose a star is quite a big deal as it can have a significantly profound effect on a business.


What do the stars mean for Michelin Star Restaurants?

One star is a “good restaurant”, Two is excellent and worth a detour, and Three –  well this is exceptional and I give you permission to make the extra effort to find it regardless of the journey. 

A three-star restaurant commands a high price and demands that you savor every morsel with reverence.  Their offerings are exceptional and influence their attendees to wax lyrical about their experience.  This is where you take your loved ones for special occasions or as a treat to yourself for achieving something special.

This elite list is updated annually and there is usually a mad rush to obtain stars awarded by a limited number of worldwide anonymous inspectors.  Did you know that Japan and France by far have the highest density of three-starred Michelin restaurants?

So are you still pining and salivating after your favorite dishes like tuna carpaccio, trout mousseline, chocolate, and chestnut terrine? 

Well then, after months of lockdown, we are getting weary of not being able to visit old haunts, yet it is still possible to attempt recreating experiences.

For everyone, it is vital that we stay healthy- both physically and emotionally -in order to be efficient and effective. To do so, we must prioritize doing things we enjoy.

So, where do I start? Help is at hand if you live in London because Michelin-starred restaurants are offering delivery. Isn’t that great? This is just the treat you need especially after a long day either on the wards, working from home, or after suffering through those mentally agonizing home-schooling sessions.

Michelin star home-delivery is not by any means a new concept; but has been thrust in the forefront due to current circumstances.

To get an idea of how to authenticate a recipe, it is a good idea to first know how the dish should TASTE, so it’s a good idea to try a takeaway. You can get a 3-course meal for as little as £52.52 for two people; so no excuses!

Michelin Star Review 

Michelin Star Restaurants Offering Home Delivery

These guys have done some stellar homework and as such I have added the links for you below:

Restaurant in London offers delivery

The Michelin guide not only includes London but is really handy if you are staying away from the capital.

If you are currently in any other country with Michelin star restaurants- just log onto the local Michelin guide and updates have been made to tell you which restaurants have adopted the current takeaway trend (which thank God is mostly all in order to survive).

For US-based readers,  you can find updates in Fodors as it covers most of the States.  I’m sure you will be able to locate something perhaps a little close to home, here

However, just in case for whatever reason you cannot find something you like, or you are not in close proximity to any of the restaurants listed in the links above, I’ve found a list that may be useful to you below if you are in London, and you can test their takeaway menus. Otherwise, just make use of the Michelin Guide. I mean we are all busy, right?


Michelin Star


Updated List Of Michelin Star Restaurants In London

Every year, there are a few updates to the list, and it’s nice to keep abreast.  You never know when your favorite secret awesome restaurant will make the list – and you can justify your good taste. Or, you can feel avenged about a demotion – when you have visited a recommended restaurant only to feel cheated and disappointed. 

I really hate it when I try to impress my fussy son – take him to a really nice restaurant, only for him to balk and quip that McDonald’s would have been better. Seriously?

For the most recent updates, check out

The stalwarts remain, such as Gordon Ramsay, and Alain Ducasse, but a few new surprises such as A Wong made it on the coveted list.


For folks who are not in London and further afield in the leafy spacious suburbs, you may want to make do with an alternative; which is

The Best Recipe Boxes For Michelin Star Inspired Meals At Home

We are working from home more, spending more time with our families, and without our usual life-saving restaurant getaways, we may struggle to avert food boredom.

We also want to keep food waste to a minimum, and here is where recipe boxes shine.

There are extensive reviews to help you make an informed decision on which would be the best fit for you.

or here

However, in theory, assembling a meal from recipe cards  – given you have all the ingredients, should be a breeze.  But, if you do not often cook, meals can take a little longer than anticipated, which can be frustrating.

A good trick is to get all the ingredients out for the recipe, then get someone to read out the steps in the method. Trust me when I say that this makes such a difference in cutting prep time.

An idea to save your sanity is to meal prep for at least four days in advance, using your best heat conducting pots.

Michelin Fruits


Where To Buy Specialty Ingredients For Home Cooking

In the UK, online shopping delivery times were a bit sporadic, to begin with.

But now it’s getting much better, hence, it is recommended you shop at supermarkets or specialty shops.

The likes of Wing Yip, (which to be fair should have everything you need), Waitrose, or Marks and Spencer more than likely will have those artisanal ingredients not readily available elsewhere. 


How To Shop Your Food Cupboard For Recipes

Now, for those of you keeping an eye on a lean food budget, check out for amazing ideas.  You can find recipes using just one or two ingredients as the base to build multiple meals from. 

The advantage of using this site is that everything is categorized, so if you are vegan/vegetarian, or stuck for breakfast/brunch ideas, etc you have the option of just clicking on the link- meal prep has never been easier.

I suggest you insert the ingredient in the App or site after checking what you have in the fridge and cupboards. You then click on the recipe that interests you as this just saves so much time! Another tip is to type in “restaurant” in the search tab and viola!

I also recommend you save the site so you can just hop back when you want to recreate your preferred recipes. I lose my recipes all the time! 

I try something, absolutely love it then completely forget where I’ve written it. Don’t be like me- have a working recipe library you can fall back on. This is a guaranteed time saver.

Michelin Soup


Sites With The Best Free Michelin Star Recipes

You are stuck for ideas, and as we now often do, rush to Google for rescue. Are you suddenly then painfully hit in the face with 50,000 pages of recipes? 

This can be such a disaster. No one has the time really.

So, as we reluctantly shuffle along on this entirely new journey, away from life as we know it, we glance back and realize quick adaptation is needed for survival.

The fact is that we will be cooking at home more.  Make it enjoyable, and do get your best dishes out.

Feel free to check out some sites I’ve returned to time and time again below when I’m stuck for ideas. Even if you cook nothing, the pictures are to die for: here

or practice these    

or visit classic recipes everyone should know how to make at home.

there are daily updates and lots of vegetarian options here

and more vegetarian options here too


Summary Of Secrets To Enjoy Michelin Star Quality Meals At Home

So we are still working our socks off and we no longer have our usual kitchen escape routes.

We cannot enjoy the ambiance of our favorite restaurants or enjoy fresh delectable delights plated by the most revered of chefs.

What to do? Adapt and recreate as best as we can the experience at home.

  • Order home delivery from Michelin starred restaurants.
  • Check the menu items and search for recipes online
  • Take a picture of the presentation for future reference.
  • Identify those dishes you absolutely loved and save these to favorites on a food site such as
  • Shop at specialty supermarkets or online providers for fresh quality ingredients until Markets re-open
  • Order food recipe boxes for delivery to avoid waste
  • Cook in the best heat conducting pots
  • Food tastes better when it looks better, so serve on your most expensive plates!
  • Serve dishes in very small portions
  • Practice your favorite dishes over and over as practice makes perfect. Don’t expect a work of art on your first attempt, and remember, this is a work in progress. Taste your dishes as you go along and make adjustments to your taste as necessary
  • Get a hold of the Michelin star guide to explore Michelin star restaurants when the lockdown is lifted. It will happen….eventually.

Sybarites, remember luxury is an art. 

I’ve provided numerous links to leisurely explore and be creative with. If there are ingredients that are annoyingly unavailable, look for the best substitutes, borrow ingredients from your friends if possible and most of all share your productions!


Michelin Pie


Share your tips on creating restaurant quality meals at home or leave suggestions and challenges in the comments section. 


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