Remarkable Ways Your Job Can Help You Become a Millionaire

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If you insert “millionaire” into a Google internet search, automatically there are 7.3million results. That is a phenomenal amount of information out there related to this topic due to the sheer demand for this content.

You are not alone if you have a goal to become affluent because, as you can see, there is an unbelievable desire in reaching this status.  

There are many different ways in which you can achieve this status if you were not born into a wealthy family and have very few resources. The first thing is to believe that this is within your reach.

Do you want to know realistically which jobs have been proven and recognized as a potential pathway, that is almost iron-clad to get you to be a millionaire if you so desire?

This article is not like those almost cut and paste posts that will give you all the same steps and pronto!  You are a millionaire within a year! 

It takes time, grit, guts, and discipline to reach your goals, and one tool which you can wield (if you know how to) is having and nurturing a well-paid job.

Just be careful not to deviate from your goal through lack of focus.  Remember, your job is your tool, not your life.

The Best Jobs to Propel You Faster to Becoming a Millionaire

As I’ve said before, this is a journey with pre-planned steps to climbing the ladder of success.  However, success is quite relative.

If you take the word millionaire literally, it virtually is extremely easy to become one depending on which country you live in. For example, some country’s currencies are so devalued that there would be no prestige associated in being a millionaire there.

However, if you desire not only the prestige, but also the advantages which are attached to being a millionaire, it is important to start planning early.

The first thing to do is determine what on earth you are good at. If you are not sure, do a personality test and match a career that would be suitable. You are unlikely to fail if you choose something you are actually good at, and importantly – like, that has an unfaltering demand.


However, if you are confused, and have no real passion for anything, there is a risk you may end up wasting a lot of valuable time in trying to figure out your niche. This may seem controversial, but sometimes it may be encouraged to choose a job not because you love it, but because of the bridges it can build for you.

If you happened in your youth to be unconcerned about your future wealth, and now you are only starting to pay attention, time really isn’t your friend and you will need to make changes fast.

Regardless of which country you live in, choose a career that serves a need, paying particular attention to the bottom rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.  These needs are those that humans cannot live without. 

However, it would be wise to pay attention to other aspects in this theory of motivation, which dictates a total of five categories of human needs.  These form the foundations of our societies which then help to dictate our learnt behaviours. 

Why do I loosely reference Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?  Because, if you can instil happiness in others through providing an integral service, you are on your way to wealth.  I’m intentionally using the headings in a very loose way and not in the way Maslow intended- this is just my take on his theory.


What a man can be, he must be - to become everything that one is capable of becoming

Maslow 1954, Motivation and Personality

Careers in Safety Can Make You a Millionaire if You Choose Wisely

Choose jobs that will always be in demand, and you will be forever valued. Never choose a job wherein you are easily replaceable.  If you are unfortunate to end up in a career that is constantly rapidly evolving, always seek to empower yourself and move with the current times and switch to wherever there is a need.  Seek to be one of the best in your field, and if you are not (because not all of us can be at the top), be of value regardless.

I’ve listed broad categories with multiple subsets of niches- but I would suggest you seek to choose a branch with longevity and high income.  

  • Farmers/Agriculture—To make money and eventually become a millionaire, you must own the land and its assets. The world will always need food? Right?
farming aubergines
  • Supermarket Executive – The average salary according to is $209,628 p.a but this has a very wide margin, with CEO earnings sometimes exceeding $1million.
  • Top Chefs (if you are willing to slog it out) can make an average of $100,000 per annum, but you have to be at the top of your game to make a lot more.


  • Wine merchants | Alcohol Distillers – The sky is the limit for those branching out on their own, with the most successful drinks entrepreneurs being worth more than £100million according to
  • Doctors are also highly paid, but are paid highest in comparison to other nations of the world in Luxembourg, with Specialists earning an average of $352,300 and GPs: $278,900 according to

Careers in Safety Can Make You a Millionaire if You Choose Wisely

petroleum engineering
  • Petroleum Engineers tend to be better paid than their counterparts in other engineering specialties.
  • Air traffic controllers with substantial experience, working in larger airports also earn 6-figure salaries.
  • Commercial Pilots, dependent on experience are usually highly paid.  Additionally with the connections they make by travelling being worth their weight in gold.
  • Political careers including Press Secretaries, and leaders in government are known to earn high salaries, which they tend to invest and quickly multiply. This pathway however, can be a cutthroat jungle- so bear this in mind when assessing your personality. 
  • Patent Attorneys and Intellectual Property Attorneys are the highest paid specialists in the legal realm with salaries averaging $180,000 according to up to date research on

Solving the Need for Self Esteem / Love / Belonging Can Make You a Millionaire

medical doctors
corporate millionaires

People need to have a sense of belonging which imparts confidence with a need to be respected by others. Having a career in any of the fields below will contribute to individual self-worth which invariably makes you valuable.

  • Private Sector Charity CEOs are handsomely remunerated for the work they do, and their substantial salaries can be found in the public domain to support this claim.
  • Life Coaches also can make 6-figure salaries dependent on client base and experience.

So after choosing what to do, how does your job really help you to become a millionaire?

First, learn the career inside and out and grow to become an expert.  Some careers are transitional and will not affect your salary if you switch, but be strategic.

Aim to start out on a beginner’s salary and with each salary incremental rise, use this to invest and double the income strategically.  

It is important to network your way upwards, always seeking out people with influence in your career, as they will provide opportunities that can then fast-track you towards your goal.

Introductions are valuable- having a job is a gateway, so always seek out every opportunity you recognize, but always in a curious way. The aim is not to just use people to your advantage.  The more you give, the more you will receive in return.

Do not ever live beyond your means, as this is guaranteed to keep you in poverty.

Usually, if done with a clear financial plan and with the aid of a financial advisor, it will not be long before you become a millionaire.

Stick with it, grow your salary, invest.  If you are not getting the salary increase you seek, choose to move either jobs or countries or states.  Never fall into the trap of becoming complacent.

It would help if you absolutely loved your job but remember that ultimately this is a tool to get you where you want to be, at a place of self-actualization, with the ability to give back to society.

However, do not be fooled that once that balance hits a million that you will automatically get to a state of euphoria.  Invariably, most people do not experience the level of excitement they had envisioned, so take care of your mental health during the process.

The zeros are only a number, and some say even an illusion. Remember, you can act and feel like a millionaire, even if you are not.  Cultivate that millionaire mindset and you are halfway there.

female entrepreneur

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