Practical Luxury Gift Ideas for Women. Not Just for Mother’s Day

Mothers are the giant pillars of our lives, who cement communities, and thus the entire world. Without mothers, where would we be? Most likely in a world devoid of tinkling children’s laughter, populated by morose grim faces echoing emotional emptiness.

Mothers are the glue that holds societies together – tenaciously holding the fort by nurturing children who then go on to become leaders. Without conscionable leaders – anarchy.

Therefore, they are to be cherished- surrounded by an ethereal wispy cocoon of love and adoration. This year, more than ever, let her know you truly appreciate all the sacrifices she has made – and believe me, I know she has.

You may be a mother yourself, or an aunt, or a grandma, or a woman who wishes to honour another who has made a positive impact on your life.

Mothers, and women in general, have always had to be malleable. Most moms have now had to drastically readjust and adapt to prioritise their children’s education in ways they never had to before. Instead of hauling screaming kids by the ears to sit down quietly and do homework usually set by school – teachers, suddenly they are the ones now required to teach alien mathematical algorithms, trying to make sense of new sentence constructions, only to be told they are not as smart as they think they are by their kids.

But, moms take it in their stride, as they are usually tireless do-it-all-ers; doing a thankless job. Until, that is– Mother’s Day.

Granny, Nonna, Gramma, Mom, Mommy – whatever you call her- the stalwart matriarch has a designated day of chill.

And what a most deserving day! Mothers deserve the best.

Have you got to hand an inventory of luxury fail-safe gifts at the ready?

If not, I’ve curated a list to save you time for years to come- classic ideas you don’t have to go searching for again.

For us busy Sybarites, I think we should start building an inventory if we have not yet done so. We should have gifts at the ready for every woman in our repertoire, but for mom, the best gift you can give her is your TIME. Go see her, ring her, and make sure she knows she is cherished.

Don’t ever forget the dates for Mother’s Day though, as it can become confusing. In the UK, Mother’s Day is always three weeks before Easter Sunday, so this can fall in the latter weeks of March or early April.

In the USA, it is always the second Sunday in May.

Gift Inventory

1) Silk Scarves

Hermes Silk Scarf

These make the most perfect of presents. Why? Do I really have to say? There are countless ways to utilise a silk scarf – from a belt, to a handbag accessory, to a framed piece of art, this is an effortlessly chic addition to any outfit. It can also be used in emergencies for (heavens forbid) the wiping of snotty noses. The Hermes scarf is durable and doesn’t stain easily, but any good-quality silk scarf makes a perfect gift.

2) Trinket Tray or Jar

Everyone can make use of a beautiful trinket tray or jar. It is extremely useful for keeping odds and ends including stud earrings, rings, keys, and coins in one stylish destination – ever pleasing to the eye. It can also double up as a small sweet tray, or just about any use one can conjure up, as it fits into any room in the house.

jewelled trinket box
Faberge Egg for trinkets

3) Luxury Hamper

A luxury hamper full of her favourite things is always a good idea. This always goes down rather well. The trick is to not make it too generic.

As busy Sybarites though, we have to be resourceful. Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, or the White Company assemble some of the best hampers around and the best part? The hampers will remain timeless and multi-purpose for years to come. You will always be remembered as the best gift-giver ever.

picnic hamper

4) Gift Her a Make-Over

Every woman I know appreciates being pampered and being made to feel gorgeous. This gift can be tailored in so many different ways which keeps it fresh, even if you put this on repeat. A make-over can include a new haircut, a makeup refresher, a color analysis with a stylist or professional color analyst, or even a wardrobe refresher.

For less effort, Sybarites can visit department stores and prepay for vouchers to have readily available to book in advance, all with a complimentary glass of champagne. Macy’s, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Bergdorf Goodman’s are usually good places to start– you get the idea.

Salon hair and makeup Chair

5) Spa Set

A Spa set makes the most thoughtful of gifts.

Some women are guilty of not taking enough time to relax and take time out for themselves. Buying a spa set or a mix-and-match self-care kit will encourage them to do just that. An hour of self-pampering can do so much to reset one’s mind, especially for a busy woman. Make sure to consider their favourite scents.

spa mix-and-match set
spa elements

6) Cashmere Sweater

This is a classic staple for any wardrobe you cannot put a foot wrong with. This gift is fail-safe for any classy lady whether young or old. It is the wear everywhere, goes with everything, and suits anyone piece which seamlessly blends in.

Choose quality cashmere from brands such as Sandro, Loro Piana, N. Peale, or bespoke fittings from Maison Cashmere. If you are getting bespoke sweaters – remember this can take up to 6 weeks for delivery, so this isn’t one you can blunder through at the last moment.

I suggest getting colors such as grey, or blush, as this blends with any skin color or wardrobe palette.

cashmere blush high neck sweater

7) Copper Pan Sets

I have a soft spot for copper pans. Why? Even if one cannot cook, these capture the combination of beauty, craft and simply looks amazing in the kitchen. They also make everything taste better in my opinion, due to the superiorly even heat conduction they are known for.

This will no doubt prompt many a cuisine attempt from the likes of the Laduree Savoury recipe collection. If you want to give a gift of a serious investment with longevity that can be generational; give this. The bonus is that there will never be another messed up Bechamel sauce, therefore you are lovingly subtly stroking her ego as a domestic goddess.

Choose Mauviel if you know nothing about copper pans, or alternatively, All-Clad, Ruffoni, or Faulk Culinair are stellar brands you can mix and match.

copper pot

8) Blue and White Ceramics | China

This choice for the woman in your life gives you so many options that are readily available. You can almost gamble on leaving this for a last-minute dash if you haven’t been organized enough to get your inventory sorted.

You just need to know where to find the best pieces. I recommend blue and white as this is timeless, can match any dinnerware service and I cannot think of anywhere that this will look out of place. You can pick up Wedgewood, Spode, Villeroy and Boch or Royal Doulton very easily.

Wedgewood and Spode Blue and White Porcelain
Spode Blue Italian Soup Tureen 3.4L

9) Vinyl Record Player

Ok, this may be a stretch, but seriously this is a nostalgic vintage gift for the ardent music lover. The older woman will get a new lease on life from her treasured vinyls and quit the struggle with Bluetooth.

Whilst younger women will appreciate the cool retro vibes this imparts. This is an excuse to surprise gift her a vinyl record ever so often.

Vinyl record player
vintage record player

10) Champagne

Why would you not? 

Champagne makes everyone feel special, and this famous wine is all the more symbolic on Mother’s Day as it was thanks to the genius of widows in the 19th century why this wine is so celebrated today.

Just ensure you have obtained the very best. Even if she is a teetotaler, champagne can be diluted into an almost non-alcoholic spritzer. Bollinger, Veuve Clicquot are affordable options, but if you want to splurge, perhaps consider a bottle of Dom Perignon, H.H. Mumm or Ruinart.

Remy Martin Champagne

Now that you have the best inventory list to dip into to make your mom, or that special woman in your life feel special, start buying in advance. If you are ever short on time, you will not be disappointed when you suddenly remember whilst in the middle of a meeting at the end of the day and everything is out of stock.

As a woman, I’m in my element and could list another 50 or so. What are your ride-or-die suggestions for luxury gifts for women?

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    these are GREAT tips! good going

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