Jewels and Apparel


This is by all means not a fashion site.  However, I will take the opportunity to explore different cultural norms when it comes to a variety of fashion, from the Abaya, to sarees, African prints and more. Too often, when shopping, I observe the lack of variety and representation across different cultures. Clothing is one of the necessities of life for all humans and also an expression of self.  When one is getting dressed, it doesn’t matter what you wear, it is the quality of the fabric, the way it drapes that matters, exuding sophistication, authority and glamour whilst being comfortable. Fashion should be inclusive across all the diasporas, influenced by its cultures; as after all; we all feel good when we look good irregardless of where we are from.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken"
Oscar Wilde

We should take ownership of ourselves, of our individuality. No two people are the same, and the sooner we all realise this, the sooner we will be free to express ourselves in all aspects of our enriched lives.
insect pendant on green leaves

Now, one cannot list jewels without including diamonds, as they are one of the most sought-after gemstones since bygone eras. India was the first place to mine diamonds until it was discovered in Brazil in the 1700s. We continue to covet jewellery embellished with this gem because simply put, they enhance stunning high end jewellery pieces, making for a failsafe timeless investment which usually appreciate in value. Estate jewellery is usually kept in families and passed down over generations. If you don’t already own diamonds, start investing; of course paying acute attention to the 4 Cs. More on that later.

pearl ring with diamond borders on blue surface

I’ve included pearls as they are classic, timeless pieces that can be worn everyday without looking dated. Natural pearls of high lustre and quality are valued gemstones and should be a part of your collection. If one doesn’t want to spend a fortune on jewellery to keep in a vault, pearls are a good compromise.  These can be obtained at very low price points in comparison to some other gems and look beautiful and classy, even for everyday wear.


Gemstones are varied, but all possess different qualities and unique beauty just like us. There are some that are rarer than others, which influence the acquisition costs, but that isn’t the only factor. Color, size and grade play a big part. Now, Tanzanite, Sapphires, Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds should be in your jewellery box.  Hello!

silver necklace with sapphire

The Jewellery Edit

When it comes to jewellery, everyone’s taste is different, but we are nonetheless attracted like moths to a flame to sparkly special gemstones, which hold magnificent value. When shopping for your collection; don’t get confused and do your research, sticking to natural untreated gems which tend to be higher in value. Ignore the sales gimmick and take your time, never deviating from what it is that you aim to obtain. Stick to classic pieces which gives you a lot of bang for your money; as after-all we should take great pleasure in wearing our pieces. If you are a classic minimalist, then consider bold colorful jewellery to give you an edge to prevent coming across as being too conservative. For those with a sense of colorful, avante garde tastes, then use jewellery to enhance even further the sense of drama you exude.  I will be writing/reviewing/listing the edit over time.