How to Curate a Luxury Lifestyle When You Are Super Busy

We have busy lives – busy careers – juggling a few plates all at once and sometimes feel overwhelmed. Infrequently, we may even feel righteously envious of those whose lives oftentimes are depicted on social media as one of ease, surrounded by luxury. Do you at times wish your life appeared somewhat similar – even a tiny bit?

Fear not – you do not have to aspire to languishing every day in a dream world, as living a life of luxury is not that unattainable today, what with millionaires now being depicted as the new middle class.

However, we must distinguish between living a luxurious life and being rich – as being rich does not necessarily equate to having a luxurious life.

If you are someone that has enough money sitting in the bank, but do not feel like you are a part of the elite club of people claiming to live a life of luxury, I feel you.

Here are Four Must Do’s to Upgrade Your Lifestyle.

Purchase Luxury Goods

luxury goods

The first step to curating a life of luxury is to buy products synonymous with that very word and infuse this into every aspect of your daily life.

This means you will not be a slave to brands – but aim to find the best quality you can afford for everything you will need on a daily basis.

When you are spending your money, on anything, have an abundant mindset, and look for the best. If you are unsure – get into the habit of subliminal exposure to luxury through magazines, watching movies, visiting venues, and reading books solely targeted at luxury lifestyles. This will train your eyes, your tastebuds, your olfactory senses, and your entire thought process to gravitate towards items that will add luxury to your life.

This could include very simple things such as buying a fresh bunch of fragrant flowers every week for yourself or your significant other.

Prioritize your skincare, by finding an amazing moisturizer that will add a subtle glow to your face. Buy lace or silk undergarments and stick to only buying bed linen between 300-500 thread count.

Get a bespoke monogrammed structured handbag or briefcase to take to work that will elevate your everyday look. I mean, you only need one – so make it count.

Invest in a decent vehicle that has a feeling of a luxe interior as you will be using this every day.

Buy yourself a subtle everyday investment watch (which can be pre-owned) that not everyone will recognize, eg from Vacheron Constantin.

When you are eating out, pay attention to the wine list, and only order from recognized Appellations. I wouldn’t encourage buying a bottle of Le Pin costing thousands, but, if for example, you know it’s from the Pomerol region in Bordeaux, this can be a helpful guide to utilize.

We work hard, and it’s always nice to spend a little bit on ourselves. And, if you’re looking for a way to feel luxurious, think about spending only on the best.

Outsource Non-Essential Tasks


The phrase If you want something done right, do it yourself could not be more wrong. I completely vehemently disagree on so many fronts. I hope you are not one of these martyrs.

First of all, I am completely inept at certain things, including technology. If I were to attempt just an iota of what needs doing myself, not only would the task at hand be done incompetently – but could also result in suicidal ideations. That is the depth of my incapabilities.

If for example, you are working in a managerial position in a company, you know that there are so many tasks that you will be required to do and there simply realistically is never enough time for completion. In any case, just because something demands your attention does not mean that you should be the one who has to do them.

I’m an avid advocate of delegation. If you have the option to outsource your tasks to others, do it.

Many of us not only have a career, but we also have so many other different roles in life to play. Who has the time after a long day to make sure the house looks and feels like a palace? Who wants to spend their free time cleaning when there are so many other pleasurable things to do? Get a cleaner.

You will not do the job any better than them, especially if you have a large house and a few kids and pets in the mix.

For us busy professionals, it is mandatory we appear well-kempt. However, I detest ironing – but to keep my image pristine, this is not something I can avoid, unfortunately. There are ways to ensure we always look our best without sacrificing our time. Make friends with the local dry cleaner, or better yet, get a firm to collect your laundry and iron them for you!

Voila! You look like a million dollars without the effort.

If you either are a reluctant or slightly inadequate cook, get the solution to this handicap fixed. You can get recipe boxes delivered to your door with the shopping already done and includes recipe cards for every ingredient provided. I did a post before with a few ideas about Michelin star ideas at home.

Take a little bit – or a lot- off your plate. The cost of outsourcing is more than justified for the peace of mind it may procure. This, dear Sybarite, is luxury.

Take Regular Vacations

luxury lifestyle vacations

Ok- I get that right now this may not be an option- but it soon will be once again.

A person that is always buried deep in work will never be able to feel luxurious. Trust me on this one. Even if you tell me that work is so pleasurable, you dare not call it work, you still need a break. A vacation should not be seen as a luxury in itself, but as one of the core fundamentals of living a balanced luxurious life.

There are studies at our fingertips to substantiate this claim. For example, The Framingham Heart Study 2010 advocates that taking regular vacations can reduce heart disease in both men and women. Men were found to be 32% less likely to have a heart attack, and interestingly 50% of women were less likely to die from a heart attack if they vacationed regularly.

So, you see? Working countless hours every day for four weeks, fifty-two weeks per year, is never worth the effort.

Yes, I know sometimes we have to make sacrifices in the short term to achieve our goals. That is life. We may have projects that are capital intensive, we set new financial goals, or we have to save towards an investment. All of this can require concentrated effort at times.

You might be able to continue this hectic schedule for a couple of years. Five years, or maybe even a decade if you are a workaholic. But, eventually, this routine may start to take it’s toll in a few undesirable ways, including accelerated biological ageing!

The key to staying on top of living and curating a luxurious life is consistently taking time out for yourself as a necessary priority.

Hire a Personal Assistant

virtual assistant at laptop

I’m forever foraging in a to do list within another to-do list.

Are you one of those that can’t seem to keep up with all the small tasks the day throws at you?

I find invariably annoyingly that doing a task often leads to yet another task, and then one to-do list is suddenly three!

I used to be quite frustrated that I was always buried within some mundanities on my precious days off until I started doing things differently. First, I started to make a list with intention. For the task at hand, I would plan the many different steps needed to do that task instead of just listing it. This gave me such a clearer picture of how much time is actually needed for completion.

I would then prioritize those tasks that would cost me money at the top as urgent, and the rest, well – somewhere down the line as non-urgent. Aim for at least three tasks per day- as otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed. And overwhelm is never a part of living a luxurious life.

work office

The best way to free yourself up from meaningless tasks and focus on more important things is by getting yourself an assistant.

An assistant can help you sift through most of your day-to-day tasks, thereby optimizing your time to free up those precious extra minutes every single day.

You don’t have to hire a physical personal assistant if it is too expensive a cost. Virtual assistants are now readily available on online platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. Think about it, the luxury of not being buried in odious tasks, being professionally helped by a personal assistant from halfway across the world.

Sigh and smile blissfully.


Curating a luxury lifestyle when you are super busy takes practice – and changing your lifestyle from your current one to a more luxurious one should not be difficult.

However, it will require you to make some significant changes to your day, and, most importantly, to your mentality.

If you can slowly and mindfully go through the transition period, religiously incorporating these changes, I have no doubt, you will be lead a much happier, hassle-free and luxurious life.

Check out this post if you have a job within a highly stressful environment here

What other methods do you use to infuse luxury in your everyday life? I really would like to know.

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