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Art is a variable, debatable and passionate subject. A conversation can never be boring when Art is being discussed; it can last for days over bottles of vintage wine (or not). What is beautiful art and is there such a thing? From colorful abstract graffiti in East London to Berlin, avant-garde fashion exhibitions from the great houses, fine art, innovative and contemporary artists down to those ambiguous visual puns we infrequently glimpse in the form of phallic-nosed concrete gorgoyles, the spectrum is vast. There are exclusive enviable rare pieces which are investment/collectors’ items and then there are affordable original art pieces or even giclees from emerging artists.  

I’m very fortunate to live in a country that takes great pride in the preservation and promotion of art, and  in order to get your fix of appreciation  of some of history’s greatest works, one doesn’t need to spend anything.  This portal gives you a range of what is available in the spectrum and is not exhaustive. Enjoy

Permanent Exhibitions

There is a list of remarkable permanent Art Exhibitions in museums around the world. Take the opportunity whilst visiting in and around Europe, USA, Africa, Russia, Asia , South America, and the Caribbean for example, to really appreciate the astonishing range of Art on offer. The buildings that house these exhibitions are usually works of art themselves; catering to a variety of different tastes and palates. Those with children have a plethora to choose from, whilst families with sometimes difficult, moody hard to please teens can usually find somewhere to satisfy their short attention spans. If you can’t get away, there is no excuse not to be a tourist in your own town and explore what is on offer locally irregardless of where you live.

The diverse range of Art can be loosely categorised classically in a few broad headings seen below.  Check out the blog for  fresh glimpses from a naive perspective into popular opinion. Feel free to spark debate.





This is more than a bit of a learning curve here and the perfect avenue to explore your creative side. You can mold a piece of malleable clay into anything (well almost) you envision. The finished product may not be what you intended but it is the vision and the process and what your interpretation of that object is that matters. If you prefer not to get your hands literally dirty then just buy what suits your fancy.

pottery making

Enjoy delving in and out of these portals, which aim to satisfy your sense of artistic adventure; and if not anything else, expose you to different genres  of Art.

“Life imitates art more than art imitates life"

Oscar Wilde