Nurture Your Tastebuds

Dessert & High Tea

Who doesn’t yearn to indulge in decadent sweets to instantly brighten their day? Here is a curated list of delights using the finest ingredients to satisfy your tastebuds and arrest the salivation you no doubt are experiencing right now. Whatever soothes your lust, from bases of chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon, we will find those artisanal mouthwatering products for you. Always remember, if you can’t justify the cost, there is always your baking tin!  

“I can't stand people who do not take food seriously.” Oscar Wilde

Eating should always be a pleasant experience. Match the quality of the food to the flavours of the dish; and best of all, savour it moreso when served by someone else. If none of the above holds true, then it is better to go hungry.
Fine Dining

So the Utopia of fine dining is found in multiple Michelin star appointed restaurants. This experience is to be savoured, and engaged in infrequently so as not to desensitise oneself to the extra-ordinary talents of the greatest chefs, the omnipresent yet discreet Maitre D’ and the best sommeliers in the land. Although difficult to replicate at home, it can be attempted. The fun is in the process. Bon Apetit


Never boring, mixology should not be underestimated as a complex art, as it is the skill of inventing, preparing and serving mixed drinks. A great cocktail is a fusion of flavours on the tongue, and sets the tone for an amazing party; even for one. Although all mixologists are bartenders, not all bartenders are mixologists.  A bona fide mixologist should possess the passion for the art of drink making, which should encourage and stoke your passion for indulging in, and exploring your sense of taste. Here’s to conjuring the immortalised Rick’s Cafe from Casablanca; “Here’s looking at you kid”

Cafe Lifestyle

A great cafe should be multipurpose. It should give one an aura of peace and tranquility whilst fostering social interaction in delightful yet elegant surroundings. However, what segregates a great cafe from the mediocre is consistent awesome “just right” coffee and the ability to foster productivity in this online world we find ourselves in. If you find yourself working (effectively) from a cafe – you have discovered moon-dust.

Rated Locally

The best way to discover and experiment with tasting a wide variety of food is to travel. This can be to your local specialty supermarket, a farmer’s market, a coffee shop, boulangerie, a Michelin star Restaurant, or just by following your nose to  destination sweet aroma.