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I’m Verona and I’m delighted to have you here. I’m a multitasking mother, wife, medical doctor, sybarite, sensualist, and bon vivante. A mouthful I know right? Does it immediately make you think – how can she have all those roles and realistically still find time to live a well curated life? Well, don’t be incredulous.

For those who know me, they know I am forever dreaming of far-flung exotic destinations, tirelessly seeking elegant experiences, researching noteworthy exhibitions, sourcing smart money-making ventures/investments whilst of course finding genius ways to save money.  This is a part of who I am.  My roles do not define me.  

All throughout my life, I’ve always magnetically gravitated towards comfort, unique experiences and sophisticated people – like a fluttering moth to a brightly lit flame; cultivated through unquenchable voracious reading.  The top of my thick curly haired head is usually found behind the glossy pages of a Conde Nast magazine or two, and if not, I’m being entranced by a historical epic or documentary. These are are my fail-safe escape routes from the stress of everyday life. It it never worth not finding time for yourself. It is never worth feeling overwhelmed.


Verona Wheatley - drinking wine at the golf club
Verona Wheatley Touring Monaco

But, don’t judge – as I’ve not always been able to afford whatever I wanted or needed, having come from a very humble background. I’ve had to claw my way upwards.

In my quest for enriching life experiences I needed to cultivate the new me; I intentionally worked in travel, fashion and health – starting from the lowly bottom, moving sideways but always upwards. It is through these varied experiences from poverty to abundance, that I’ve finessed the art of resourcefully curating the art of avoiding overwhelm.

This blog is a juxtaposition of expensive items/experiences and more attainable alternatives, of course without compromising on quality and sustainability. I mean, what would be the point?

This is also not a niche blog I hate to say, but my safe-haven where I warmly curl up with a fragrant cup of Countess Grey or a glass of heady wine to share my experiences, aspirations, challenges and random musings to inspire you to escape the rat race. 

Here, in my cosy boudoir, everything that is elegant fits, whether it is having a relaxing lazy home facial with a granulated sugar scrub, languishing in ridiculously expensive hotels, chilling out at the races with golden fizzing champagne or sauntering through deserted perfumed floral meadows.



This is a secret escape window where, resting my elbows on the sill, I absorb the glittering lights and soothing sounds in the air while free as a butterfly I flit from each nectar-filled experience to the next which I will happily be sharing with you, to help you to live a more discreetly elegant lifestyle.

Together, we are going to be holding hands and owning what it means to achieve a high happiness index score.

We are unapologetically sybarites, sensualists, bon vivantes, but for God’s sake, know that we enthusiastically give back!

Until later,



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