5 Valentine’s Day Ideas To Charm and Enchant Your Lover

collage of red roses

It will be Valentine’s Day soon again. The day when historically we thoughtfully declare our undying love to our significant others. 

Have you pre-planned exactly how not to just simply pleasantly surprise your lover – but completely sweep them off their feet?

You still have time.

It is an unfair task every single year to magically conjure up the most exciting gifts | experiences I hear you say.

I know.  But think of this as a thrilling challenge.

Seriously, I know you may not have the time, the energy or the inclination just so soon after exerting one’s prowess on that mammoth credit card maxing marathon that was Christmas and New Year’s.

I know just how challenging it is. 

Now, I intend to spare you some of the stress you may feel in trying to find ideas that are not going to sound at all tacky or cliche.

After all, we don’t just save up all our energy for this one day.

But – still.

1. Gift him/her with an Orchid


Instead of roses – which are done to death, choose an orchid.  This is one of the most ornamental and exotic flowering plants you can find – which makes it the most delightful of presents.

It makes the perfect Valentine’s gift for him | her as it represents luxury, sexuality, beauty, and love.

This is a classically elegant plant that is easy to care for, and will survive neglectfully non-green thumbs. 

Make sure to find a suitably ornamental pot such as copper or blue and white ceramic –  painting a message on the bottom or on the inside.   

Each time, they look at it – (and orchids do survive for a while) they are sure to smile.

2. Build a snowman and hide jewellery in it.

build a snowman

February is still very cold in the temperate lands so building a snowman together is perfect! Make sure to dress really warm and have a competition to make the best replica of your mate.

When they aren’t looking- slip a piece of jewelry in and then think of a creative way to “find” it. A pendant or eternity ring is perfect.

Finish off with a fluffy, sweaty snowball fight and dissolve into a giggling heap with a cream- filled hot chocolate.

An alternative could be a sandman/castle if you are in the tropics and cocktails.

The principle is the same. Have fun!

3. Gift A monogrammed bathrobe and towel set with expensive perfume.

romantic couple in bathrobes by the window

This is just an awesome gift to both give and receive! 

Net-A-Porter does an amazing range of olfactory delights.

Make it extra special by also setting the scene. Set a fragrant sudsy bath with lots of candles and snuggle in together with a bottle of champagne.  

You definitely cannot go wrong with this.

4. Make a chocolate cake | meal from scratch together.

Make a chocolate meal from scratch together

Ian Somerhalder wasn’t wrong when he said “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. 

If you can feed a man|woman well – believe me – you will be cherished. 

Get together in the kitchen. Play your favorite songs, and be sure to dance whilst licking batter from the spoons and the tips of your noses.

Give the Tango, Waltz , Salsa, or your best Hip-Hop moves the respect it deserves.  And if you amusingly fail miserably – there is so much you can do with chocolate batter!

5. Take a night picnic and stargaze.


You cannot get more romantic than this. 

Be authentic – wear your most comfortable loungewear and go for a ride in the wild. 

Pop the trunk – spread your blankets and play the dulcet tones of Barry White. A  bottle of Burgundy, succulent strawberries and moreish chocolate is all you need whilst stargazing and reminiscing on your favorite times together. This is bliss.

One of my favorite memories is being atop a mountain staring at the kaleidoscopic night sky.


Plan your Valentine’s Gift ahead.

So, yes dear Sybarites. It is yet another Valentine’s day.  You may have been too busy at work meeting deadlines, overrunning your schedule and you are late yet again.

But guess what? Fear not as I have you covered. 

Valentine’s day is just one day out of the year. To make this extra special, make sure to do little gestures every day of appreciation.  Therefore, if you blunder spectacularly today, you may just get away with a peck on the forehead.

In any case, you cannot put a foot wrong if you grab any one of the five suggestions on how to charm and enchant your lover even if you absolutely forgot and you have run out of time.

I promise you will knock their socks off.  If not – I will take the blame.

What are your most beguiling tips to captivate your lover?  This is the time to share! 

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