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An aspirational lifestyle blog for harried professionals who work long days. Do you want to regain control of your busy life To enable you to enjoy the finer things? SOV gives you the tools to live your best life

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The vision

To share with you how to regain control of how to live, interact and create beautiful life canvases outside of your stressful jobs. Escape to a space where we shatter the misconception that luxury and ease are inaccessible. It is a carefully curated illusion – especially to the busy professional.  I aim to introduce you to a life of both decadence and simplicity which has been cultivated over a lifetime of rich experiences despite having a demanding job.  To live a life less ordinary, find luxury, elegance and pleasure in everything, even if sometimes we feel overwhelmed at work.

You will not live vicariously, as your vision is your own, and that is of abundance  with reduced stress. Remember it is not where you are starting from, but it is the end result of the journey that you are looking towards-  regaining the ultimate control of your life.

About Me

Welcome to the musings of my now pampered alter ego. I’m usually mentally invested in my demanding day job as a busy doctor.  Having worked in multiple demanding areas before, sometimes up to 100hrs per week – I understand overwhelm,  burnout and just purely existing.  I have turned the leaf and now, here in my warmly lit, cosy virtual boudoir, I curl up with a cup of fragrant Countess Grey or a glass of wine to eagerly share with you how to enjoy the finer things in life – rather than being in a place of stress and overwhelm. We deserve it.

I began my long journey to change my mindset from humble beginnings of abject poverty. I deceive you not, when I quote miserable “abject poverty”. I am now in the middle of a calm blue sea of gently lapping waves surrounded by curated elegance. 

But, how did I get here? Only through voracious reading, constant dreaming, self-belief and fearless exploration did I discover the parallel universe of decadence and abundance.  I will never forget where it all began, sitting in the dirt, gazing up at the twinkling night sky.

Of course, I made HUGE sacrifices and made tons of mistakes along the way.

Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Nothing is ever elusive. The parallel universes of those who have and those who have not, the stressed and the carefree, can intertwine but only through calculated discernment.

I was a dejected and stressed have-not, who triumphantly aced my goal of self advancement. In these pages, I share with you a spectrum of affordable and exclusive luxury items and lifestyle choices.  These will help you on the path to regaining control of your lives being spent in an ever demanding atmosphere. Wellness will always be at the forefront as, without health, there is no wealth.

Are you an elegant classy humble Sybarite with a social conscience, unapologetically appreciating the finer things in life?   Then do join me on this leisurely journey as I share with you how.  If you want to know a little more about me (as I simply couldn’t write it all here) – click the button below.


Verona Wheatley sitting in the dark library

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The antidote to stress

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"Let me be surrounded by luxury. I can do without the necessities!.”

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